Money is a very powerful tool. It controls individuals, organizations and even nations of the world. There are people that can do anything just to amass as much money as possible. Why do we have robbery? It’s because of the inordinate desire for money. We have seen people killed just because someone wants to take over the wealth they have accumulated. There are instances where families have disintegrated because of a member’s desire to cheat others of what rightfully belongs to them. Countries of the world are not spared either. Money is certainly playing a prominent role in the current economic debacle faced by the nations. Men have duped others for money; ladies have sold their body in prostitution because of money. We work because we need money to meet our numerous needs. There are other ways by which people acquire wealth; some think you have to do the ‘dirty’ jobs to get rich or you must be ready to suppress people if you must make loads of money, but what is the use of the acquired wealth when you do not have peace of mind. Many successful people worked for their money. They were diligent and determined and kept on until they hit gold. Money is not the exclusive right of a fortunate few. It is equally meant for you provided you are willing to follow the principles of financial success. The extent to which you can genuinely accumulate wealth is dependent on a number of factors.

You must be equipped to solve problems: You will only be rewarded for the problems you solve for people. People will be willing to pay you for the solutions you proffer to their problems. To have great financial success you should be able to solve the problems of a great number of people. How many people are you impacting? Your financial success lies in what you have to offer to the people and for which they will be willing to part with their money. Bill Gates is making billions today because, he’s providing services for billions of people. Look around you; what are people in need of? Get yourself equipped to meet those needs and you will experience a turn-around in your finances. This is why personal growth is very important, when you take time to develop yourself through studying and experience, you will become better equipped to impact the masses. The extent to which you develop yourself is the extent to which you will impact lives. If you want little financial success, then you develop yourself a little and touch the lives of a few people but if you want great success then devote more time to developing yourself and impacting more lives. The choice is yours.

Have Vision towards fulfilling a Mission: You can’t become a financial success if you constantly see yourself in poverty. You cannot get to a place you cannot see. You must be able to use the power of visualization. Create a mental picture of where you are heading. You can never rise above the picture that you have created for yourself. Create a mission statement and work towards achieving this. You cannot manifest what you have not seen. Success is pre-conceived. You don’t stumble on it, you work your way through it. See it and go get it!

Pursue Success with Passion: Success rides on the wheel of passion. Your financial success depends on how passionate you are about what you do. When you enjoy what you do, it evokes passion naturally. It’s passion that keeps you awake pursuing your dream when others are sleeping. Passion for what you do drives you to be the very best you can attain in that field. It will take you to the finishing line.

The God-Factor: God is Sovereign. He is the one that gives power to make wealth. When you commit your ways before Him, you will not miss it. He created you, and he ‘planted’ that talent in you because He knows the path that will lead to your success. God is not partial. When you allow yourself to be guided by these principles, He will play His part. God bless you big.