“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” ― Edwin Louis Cole

One of the traps people fall into, especially during an economic meltdown, is the snare of living paycheck to paycheck. You can’t afford to switch jobs or get laid off because you’re just barely making enough to live by and the jobs are scarce to come by. Most often, you are already in debt before your next paycheck comes in and it becomes a cycle you are finding hard to break. Here are some suggestions on how you can maintain buoyancy during these trying times.

Cut Down on Waste: when you find yourself in a tight financial position, the reasonable thing to do is to cut cost. It is not a time to buy expensive designer clothes, or any other thing that breeds luxury. Focusing on the essentials is important at this point in time. During lack, you don’t do things to impress people. At this stage, your survival is more important than any other. Cut costs to give yourself some breathing room when possible, but don’t set yourself up for long-term hardship by getting rid of those things from your life that make you more efficient, such as healthy food. Some people end up buying the cheapest things they can find but usually going too cheap may end up being expensive on the long run. Don’t waste too much time being unnecessarily bothered over your expenses. It’s not worth the sweat. Cut cost where this is needed.

Be Responsible: You need to take full responsibility of the situation you‘ve found yourself. Throwing blames at others for your woes will not solve any problem. If you’re going to make progress, then you have to put the full responsibility of doing so on your shoulders. When you begin to put the responsibilities on others it takes your focus from the main problem. Putting the blame on others or the situation that resulted in your present financial debacle will only keep you locked in. Responsibility is not about you looking back to the past or blaming yourself.  It’s about managing the situation. It’s about you knowing that you possess the ability to respond directly to that situation. It’s about you believing that you can bring about the change that you desire.

Develop Yourself:  The reason why you do not earn much more than you earn now could be as result of you thinking you do not deserve it. I have had to interview some people applying for positions in the past and when it comes to what they are expecting to be paid as wages, some people gave figures that were below what the firm could have paid them, they undervalued themselves. Usually people earn what they deserve. If you desire to be a high earner, then you have to develop yourself. You have to move from the level of being available to being desirable. When you are just available, organizations and people can offer you what they think you are worth and this is without the option of you negotiating the terms but when you are desirable, you call the shot. You quote them the figures of what you think you are worth and they will gladly pay that and even more and in addition. Improving yourself is germane to the quality of service you have to offer.

Cut off Unnecessary Alliances: There may be people who are connected to you as a result of your financial status and had perhaps grown comfortable with the present level you have attained and a major change in your status could unsettle them. Don’t hang around negative people who always make you feel bad concerning events around you. There are also some people who will not be happy if your income status improves, they feel they deserve the better things of life than you do; from such you need to cut off. There are others who live above their means and they try to cajole you into such a lifestyle; you don’t need such unwholesome alliance. On the other hand there are people who are happy of the progress that you are making and would readily encourage you to be your best. They have a positive financial outlook even though they may not be making so much now. Cultivate such alliance as it will help you move forward.

Have a Positive Mindset:  Living through recession will require you having a positive mindset. It is the state of your mind that determines the outcome of whatever you do. If you get your mind right, the right actions will follow.  If you despise the work you’re doing or the condition you’re in, you’re poisoning the result. You may actually be doing more damage than good. If you’ve got the wrong mindset, no matter how hard you try, you will always be limited in what you can achieve. God has put the key in your hand; it depends on what you do with it. You are the architect of your fortune or misfortune. Choose Right!